The Name Says It


With his eyes on the future and the beautiful sunshine of Arizona in his veins, Jason Hope is preparing for the bright, healthy days to come. Entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist, Jason Hope is crafting a future designed to bring innovation, health and prosperity to all of us, beginning in Arizona, his home.

He began by preparing himself for his own future through rigorous education with a degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He followed that with admission to the prestigious W.P. Carey School of Business, also at Arizona State. He emerged with an MBA, ready to take charge, first of his own life, and then of the future, one step at a time.

A successful career in business has enabled Mr. Hope to fulfill his dreams of preparing for an improved future by investing in today’s creative minds. Long aware of modern science’s astonishing victory over many infectious diseases, Jason Hope became intrigued by the areas of medicine that showed less progress. Hence his sponsoring of SENS.

What is SENS all about?

sens-officeSigns of medical prowess surround us. Doctors easily repair joints that would have been classified as a lost cause not many years ago. Orthopedists replace joints and those gifted with new joints play tennis, sky and dance. Cardiologists install tiny devices into the human heart that enables improved life quality and longevity. Brain surgery is an everyday occurrence. Medical science has much of which to be proud.

However, it is still beyond our abilities to regenerate tissue. We cannot yet turn the clock back to the point in life when all our systems performed correctly and were undamaged. If this very day, we found a cure for Alzheimer’s disease, we would yet not be able to restore to the afflicted the healthy brain and cherished memories they have lost.

For Jason Hope, this limitation of medical technology is a sour note. Beyond that, seeing no push for such research into regenerative science, he looked for a pathway to a different future. He visualizes a future whereby the diseases of aging are prevented as much as possible. However, he also visualizes a future wherein the destruction of such diseases is repaired.

The SENS Research Foundation is dedicated to exactly this goal. Through their own research and a vast outreach campaign, they seek to create a groundswell of interest in regenerative medicine. There is precedent for such an approach. Groundswell campaigns led to the eradication of polio, have greatly hampered the proliferation of malaria, and help to challenge the annual flu scourge.

Of course, the SENS Research Foundation is undertaking a much larger foe than any of its predecessors. Many societies and altruistic organizations assist the aged and seek to add value and joy to their lives. The SENS Research Foundation seeks to create a future without age-damaged citizens. They see a future society guided by the healthy wisdom of people unhampered by the diseases of aging that are now everywhere around us.